Íslenski Bærinn (The Icelandic Farmhouse) – a seminar

9 Nov

When resource managemenet in Iceland is questioned and new trajectories suggested, the discussions pretty much quiets when somebody says: “well, we don’t want to go back to the turf huts, do we?”

Thus scibe-Reykajvík is proud to have had the honour of organizing the 1st seminar held at the brand new Flói Exhibition Hall, at  the Íslenski Bærinn (the Icelandic Farmhouse).

The seminar gathered researchers and practitioners in a serach for design strategies for a more resilient environment after the crash. Among many great lectures, the climax of the day was Hannes Lárusson’s account: the lessons of the Icelandic traditional farmhouse:


We are very greatful to Hannes and Kristín for hosting the event at this wonderful  place they have dedicated countless hours to developing and conserving for the last 20 years.

The floor of the exhibition hall is paved with the leftovers of the crash, cut-offs from kitchen countertops of decorative stone material shipped from exotic locations around the world showing off superfluous lifestyles of the homes. This residue material would otherwise have been discharged into a land fill.


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